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Innovative Tooling Solutions

While making important investments in R&D and manufacturing technology, companies have to focus on controlling costs, improving productivity and searching for new methods.

There is a growing demand for machining exotic materials in the Oil & Gas industry, capable to withstand the most hostile environments, such as high temperature, corrosion and high pressure conditions.

This is where Ingersoll brings its customers innovative tooling solutions, combined with highest quality assurance standards worldwide.


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Blowout Preventers

Blow Out Preventers are large, specialized valves used in oil and gas wells to prevent the uncontrolled release of crude oil and/or natural gas from well. Ingersoll cutters are used to produce the internal profile. Surface finish of the profile radius is critical as the seals seat against the radius to block the oil in the event of a blowout.

Oil and Gas Blowout

Fluid Ends

Part of a drilling rig’s mud pump is tasked with circulating drilling fluid under high pressure (up to 7,500 psi) downhole. To withstand such extreme high pressure and abrasive wear conditions fluid ends are often made of stainless steel. Machining these parts is equally demanding. Extended tool lengths and heavy metal removal rates are common.

Ingersoll Cougar Mill and Gold Quad Ext Cut are made to handle the heavy roughing, and Ingersoll’s Gold Max 4 FFin for finish milling. Internal profile / taper bores are produced with Ingersoll’s D'Andrea programmable heads, eliminating the need for additional set-ups and difficult lathe operations.


Drilling Bits

Also referred to as a "rock bit" the drill bit is designed to create a cylindrical hole or wellbore in the ground. The primary goal of the drill bit is to maximize the rate of penetration and maximize the life of the bit.

Our Form Cutters will produce a superior cut on the drill bit resulting in less chips and longer bit life. Our cutter, 22M1Y-0602387R01 does the tooth profile milling.

Oil and Gas Drill

Flange Faces

Flange faces include the mounting surface of a valve or pipe having a series of drilled-through bolt holes and the special sealing surface in which a metal to metal seal is used.

Flange faces typically require a grooved “phonograph” finish to insure proper seal if gasket is required. The D'Andrea AutoRadial is used to produce this finish.

Oil and Gas Flange