Our Tools Create the Parts that Power Major Industries

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Multiple Industries. One Philosophy.

We sell our customers more than just cutting tools. We provide them with custom tooling solutions that increase productivity and reduce tool wear. We believe that our tools are only as useful as the people integrating them.

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Aerospace companies use our tools to create structural and engine components

Ingersoll is developing new grades and tooling that specialize in machining hard-to-cut materials. We work closely with our aerospace customers to meet their rigid requirements for high safety standards and technical reliability.

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Rail companies use our tools to create wheels and tracks

Rail machining is a complex process requiring special-purpose cutting tools. Ingersoll has created a large range of special-purpose tools specifically for machining rails and wheels.

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Oil And Gas

The Oil & Gas industry uses our tools to machine exotic materials

The materials used in the oil & gas industry must be able to stand the most hostile conditions, such as high temperatures and corrosion. Our tools for the oil & gas industry are specifically designed to machine these exotic materials.

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Crankshafts & Camshafts

We have over a century of experience working with Crankshafts & Camshafts

Machining cam profiles with profiling slot milling cutters, machining bearings and key widths as well as cutting into lengths are all operations very familiar to Ingersoll Cutting Tools.

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