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We've Got More Than a Century of Experience Creating Tooling Solutions for the Automotive Industry

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Innovative Tooling Solutions

Machining cam profiles with profiling slot milling cutters, machining bearings and key widths as well as cutting into lengths are all operations very familiar to Ingersoll Cutting Tools.

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More than a century of experience provides the basis and the know-how for the design of tools and production processes for crankshaft machining.

Ingersoll Cutting Tools offers solutions for milling and turning operations and and works in very close contact with the machine tool supplier on your behalf from the early stages of the design process.

Ingersoll excels in all aspects of crankshaft machining: cutting to length, hollow milling, internal and external circular milling as well as turn broaching and turn-turn broaching. Standard and special S-MAX inserts promise a high degree of precision and process optimization.

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Ingersoll is up to your machining task - whether milling into the solid or finishing preformed cam profiles - we understand your tooling and processing requirements when it comes to camshaft machining.

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