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Industry's Easiest Loading 5mm Insert with No Stress on the Screw!

Features and Benefits

  • Double-Dovetail-Pocket promotes easy insert indexing - Insert clamps in pocket while affixing the screw
  • Double-Dovetail-Pocket clamps the insert in place such that cutting forces do not stress the insert screw
  • Double-Dovetail-Pocket stability promotes aggressive feed rates
  • High positive geometry coupled with maximum density per diameter promotes efficient and productive machining
  • Integrated wiper flats on the insert produce 32-63 Ra surface finishes
  • Cutter offerings that are ideal for live spindles on lathes, Swiss machines and small machine centers

Product Ranges & Details

.500" - 2.00"

Cutter Series

Insert Series
ENHU05 (5mm I.C.)

Cast Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel, High-Temp Alloys

Depth of Cut