Series: 12J1A - 90° & Hi-Feed EM (Metric)

Product Series Features:

  • Ø10-12 mm (T-Adaption)
  • 90°: 5 mm DOC, Hi-Feed: 0.5 mm DOC
  • 5 mm Insert with 2 indexes
  • 32-63 Ra surface finishes when engaging the wiper (WEP)
  • Insert corners: .008" R & Hi-Feed
  • V-Bottom pocket fosters easy insert indexing & eliminates insert screw stress
  • When using Hi-Feed Insert, modify body corner to R.070

New-303 pp6 Operat. Guidelines (90-Plunge)

New-303 pp7 Operat. Guidelines (Hi-Feed)

New-303 pp9 Ramp Data (Hi-Feed)

New-303 pp8 Ramp Data (90-Degree)

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