Series: 18F - 90° Face Mill Tip (Metric)

Product Series Features:

  • Ø12mm-25mm (T-Adaption)
  • 6 Flute
  • Non-Center Cutting
  • Corner: 0.2 & 0.4mm R
  • 20-32 Ra surface finishes
  • Ideal for facing and shouldering in narrow confined areas.
  • Well suited for milling flats on bar stock with Mill-Turn machines.
  • When assembling, be sure tip is seated firmly on shank with no gap.
  • Tightening Torque: T05=60in/lbs, T06=90in/lbs, T08=130in/lbs, T10=250in/lbs, T12=250in/lbs, T15=350in/lbs.
  • No lubricant on adaption.
  • Wrenches sold seperately.