Series: ER*T - Solid ER, Neck Relief

Product Series Features:

  • Solid ER
  • Chip Surfer Connection
  • Neck Relief
  • Coolant Options
  • When assembling, be sure carbide tip is seated firmly on shank with no gap.
  • Tightening Torque: T05=60in/lbs - T06=90in/lbs - T08=130in/lbs - T10=250in/lbs - T12=250in/lbs - T15=350in/lbs
  • No lubricant on adaption
  • Wrenches sold seperately
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Integral ER Collet Assembly Instructions

RIGHT WAY (4 steps below)
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1. Place the nut on the integral ER collet. Assemble the nut with the shank by mating the retention tabs with the ER groove.

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2. The nut/shank assembly is shown ready for installation.

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3. Place the nut/shank assembly into the holder and secure the nut.

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4. No gap.

WRONG WAY (4 steps below)
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1. Remove nut from ER holder.

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2. Place the integral ER collet into the collet chuck.

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3. Screw the nut on the holder.

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4. The nut will BIND up on the retention tabs prematurely, leaving a GAP. Applying extra force may BREAK THE NUT.