June 21, 2021

End Mills & Shell Mills with Interlocking Inserts For Smooth & Reliable Operation

  • Offers an extra flute per diameter for greater productivity in hi-temp alloys.
  • Overlapping v-notch inserts that allow for smooth chip formation at high-feed rates.
  • Tangentially-mounted inserts with ridged seating for greater cutter reliability and insert stability.
  • The patented end-station fully supports the insert for reliable operation and unobstructed chip evacuation.
  • End-station inserts with corners from .031 to .250 that fit the same cutter body, no cutter modifications needed.
  • Optional pre-set torque driver makes it impossible to overtighten insert screws.
  • Axial depth of cut (DOC) capability up to 6.00.
  • Designed for titanium, steel, stainless steel, high-temp alloys, and irons.
  • Premium milling grades and the latest post-coating treatment technology.

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