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Economical Double-Sided Inserts & Maximum Roughing Productivity

Features and Benefits

  • All new 10mm and 16mm IC inserts and cutters join existing 12mm IC products
  • Super strong anti-rotation insert clamping system
  • Two uniquely-designed double-sided insert designs: round and serrated
  • Free-cutting geometry
  • Serrated style insert for extended reach applications, high temperature alloys, increased stability, chip management
  • Inserts offer 8 and 16 cutting edges for cost-effective machining and economy!
  • Face mill, end mills, and modular (Top-On) cutter body options

Product Ranges & Details

1.25" to 3.00"
25mm to 160mm

Depth of Cut
5mm (.197") to 8mm (.315")

IN2505, IN2530, IN2035, IN2504, IN7035

Die & Mold
General Purpose